A 501c 3 non-profit organization that is committed to supporting individuals in need, helping to meet the basic needs of those within our communities, making the impossible possible through collaborative effort united to bless, inc.

Our Mission Statement


United To Bless, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on the betterment of individuals throughout our communities. We are founded on the principles of Love, Compassion, and Peace. We believe that any individual can reach their full potential when they are equipped with support, opportunity, and resources. We provide tangible resources to those in need through charitable donations and year-round fundraising.

Though we mainly focus on three components, those components cover several categories of people in need in our community.

  • Hygiene and Toiletry Pantry

    • We believe that hygiene is a necessity in life and, unfortunately, many people not only cant afford the products that help with hygiene management, but some are completely unaware of the importance of it and how to manage it.
    • We provide packs of hygiene products to those in need
    • Individuals receive one bag per household

    Note: This is also a part of our Charity program

  • Women and Youth life skill development and empowerment

    • We at United to Bless believe that women, in many cases, need support just as much as their children do.
    • Building support group with likeminded women where they can be themselves and get the support they may need is one way to provide support
    • One of the events we have that helps with this is “The Ladies Round Table”.
  • Mid Year School Supply Drive

    • It is a known fact that for every school that is well off as it relates to school supplies, there is another that isn’t.
    • U2B sponsors one school per year to replenish their school supplies and host a motivational session with scholars
    • Our hope with this event is to help the school with its supply and bring some refreshing energy to the students who, when the smoke clears, are the most important part.

Though these components are what we focus on, they are not the only services we provide. You can see all of our components by clicking the link below: