We have several components we support with pride and honor. Please see the list below and get an understanding of what we do for each components

Our hygeine toiletry is donation driven and we base who we give these items to on those who can’t afford them or would just appreciate them. Our hope is that those we give them to feel like someone cared for them and their needs.

We have small toiletry bags and large toiletry bags. Small bags are usually given at ALL of our events PLUS we give them out at daycare centers, low income housing locations and, at times, if individuals are referred to us we help when we can.

We give one toiletry bag per household

“The Ladies Roundtable”

This event is an empowerment session, that gives us ladies a chance to build community with each other, have a good girl talk time, address life’s concerns, and gain quality support and resources to help one another become our best selves, mind body and soul.

Speakers will be invited to facilitate certain topic matters (Based on their area of expertise)
Activities and Events will be planned to help the ladies get out and exposed to enjoyable things throughout our city and possibly beyond.

Every year we have a school supply drive to reload students with smiles and supplies. At this time we only select one school but we plan to increase that in the near future. In most cases the school we work with is referred to us by a board member or faculty member of the school.

We bring frequently used school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, markers, book bags etc. But beyond donating supplies, we also want to motivate and encourage students to finish their school year strong. We have a short chat with them based on the current theme of the school and about staying focused.

If you would like to donate school supplies, please see our donations page today!

We assist individuals who are economically disadvantaged by providing basic household needs such as: personal toiletries, cleaning supplies, groceries, and school supplies for children.
We at United to Bless believe that networking is very important when you want to help those in need. We build relationships with community members and community leaders to create a platform for charitable collaboration. If you want to contact us, please fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you within 48 hours!

Our coin drive is used to raise money one coin at a time for the purpose of assisting with any needs families during the holiday season. From February through November we are constantly raising funds as an opportunity, where United to Bless and our donors can adopt families and be a blessing during that loving time of year.